Delaware County LODD Memorial
Aston Beechwood Fire Company

Herbert J. Pinkowicz, Firefighter   

DOD 4/27/1986   

Suffered a heart attack while enroute to his station for a call.   

Raymond Eusden, Chief   

DOD 5/20/2008   

Suffered a CVA while working on a fire vehicle in the station.   
Bon Air Fire Company

John J. Coyle, Captain   

DOD 1969   
Brookhaven Fire Company

Christopher N. Kangas, Junior Firefighter   

DOD 5/5/2002   

Struck by a vehicle while answering a call. He was riding his bicycle to the fire house.   
Collingdale Fire Co. #1

Samuel S. Langley, Past Chief   

DOD 12/2/1916   

Died from Pneumonia 4 days after being drenched while fighting a fire. He was 37 years old   

William L. Gorgas, Firefighter   

DOD 6/30/1921   

Died from injuries to the head at age 54. Injuries sustained as a result of the truck he was riding on overturned at 9th and Main in Darby Borough   
Collingdale Fire Company #1

John H. McNeile Jr., Past Chief   

DOD 6/11/1952   

Died after being overcome by smoke trying to rescue 2 boys at the Penn Pines Housing Development. He was 50 years old.   

Roy V.E. Rogers, Firefighter   

DOD 2/19/1963   

Died after being exposed to Ammonia Fumes at the Collingdale Inn Fire in the 900 Block of MacDade Blvd. He was 50 years old.   

Walter Bley, Firefighter   

DOD 4/22/1971   

Died at age 54 from a heart attack suffered after an explosion while handling a 2 inch hose line at the Janess Plumbing Supply Company.   

Donald J. Felker, 1st. Lieutenant   

DOD 4/16/1978   

At 38 suffered an Aneurysm after carrying a heart attack victim down a flight steps, was enroute to the hospital on the Ambulance when he collapsed.   
Collingdale Fire Company #2

Frank E. Foster, Past Chief   

DOD 12/26/1961   

Suffered a CVA while atop a ladder working on the firehouse. He died 24 days later at age 58.   
Concordville Fire & Protective Association

Raymond E. Talley, Fire Policeman   

DOD 1/18/1992   

Collapsed while directing traffic at an incident.   
Darby Fire Company #1

Carroll Cloud, Firefighter   

DOD 5/30/1919   

Returning to the sta. after picking up a crated chemical fire truck, the truck Cloud was transporting it on toppled over crushing him to death.   
Darby Fire Patrol #2

Norman Powell Jr., Driver   

DOD 6/12/1971   

Was driving a truck returning from a parade in Coastville, Pa. The truck struck a pole attempting to avoid another vehicle at a curve and ejected him.   

Michael Cannon, Firefighter   

DOD 8/10/1979   

Suffered a Cerebral Aneurysm and collapsed on scene while fighting a fire at the the Villa of St. Josephs on Lansdowne Ave. (next to Fitzgerald Mercy   
Darby Township Fire Company #4

Milton L. Cann, Firefighter   

DOD 7/4/1977   
Essington Fire Company

Frank Ebenthal, Firefighter   

DOD 3/29/1963   
February 17 1978

This space is intentionally left blank for all of the members of the Delaware County Fire & EMS Community and their families   

who have suffered a loss due to a toxic fire that occurred at Front & Flower Streets in Chester City.   
Franklin Fire Company, Chester

George Hiortoh, Firefighter   

DOD 3/26/1942   
Friendship Fire Company

Robert Nelson, Firefighter   

DOD 1930   


James Breeding, Firefighter   

DOD 12/18/1969   


William Duffy, Firefigher   

DOD 12/18/1969   
Garretford Drexel Hill Fire Company

James A. Verner, Chief   

DOD 12/1/1934   

Struck by a falling tree at the Beverly Hills Golf Club in Upper Darby Township. Site now the Barclay Square Apartment Complex.   
Glenolden Fire Company

Walter Capstick, Chief   

DOD 1/3/1928   


Earl Major, Fire Police Captain   

DOD 10/12/1980   
Goodwill Fire Company, Darby Township

Thomas L. Mower, Fire Policeman   

DOD 3/3/2005   

Suffered a heart attack and collapsed outside his personal vehicle while answering an alarm.   
Highland Park Fire Company

Jerome MacDonald, Firefighter   

DOD 10/5/1945   

Died as a result of injuries sustained while a passenger on Highland Park’s Seagrave Engine that collided with a Red Arrow trolley.   
Delaware County Fallen Firefighters

Franklin Fire Company, Chester   

Thomas Anderson, William H. Franklin, William MacNeil, Alexander Phillips, William Woods, Joseph Kestner, Anthony Barber   
Jackson Pyrotechnical Fire & Explosion 2/17/82

John H. Pollock, Robert Stinson, John Zack Vandergrift, Jefferson Pedrick, Ellwood Long   

Moyamensing Hook & Ladder Co.   

Cornelius MacDade   
Lansdowne Fire Company

George A. Gowen, Chief   

DOD 8/19/1929   

Died as a result of fighting a serious house fire involving heavy smoke and intense cold conditions   

Walter Fraim, Chief   

DOD 6/10/1940   

Died as a result of inhaling natural gas along with the strenuous activities of the events of the days storms.   

G William Joines, Assistant Chief   

DOD 11/22/1961   

Exited a structure fire feeling ill, drove himself to the hospital where he collapsed and died from a cardiac event. He was also a Borough Police Sgt.   

Norman D. Wilson, Fire Policeman   

DOD 1/20/1979   

Collapsed and died as a result of a heart attack while directing traffic at an automobile accident.   
Lower Chichester Fire Company

Glen Jones, Firefighter   

DOD 10/3/1946   

Sun Oil Company Fire.   

Vincent Keelan, Firefighter   

DOD 10/3/1946   

Sun Oil Company Fire.   

William Ward, Firefighter   

DOD 10/3/1946   

Sun Oil Company Fire.   

Nicholas Picozzi II, Lieutenant   

DOD 3/5/2008   

Collapsed and was trapped inside the basement of a house fire; Rescued from basement by fellow firefighters. However Succumbed to his injuries.   
Manoa Fire Company

Edward Walsh, Ambulance Captain   

DOD 12/25/1965   

On this Christmas night Captain Walsh was removing a patient from the ambulance at Haverford Community Hospital and went into Cardiac Arrest.   
Marcus Hook Fire Company

Nicholas Barnett, Chief   

DOD 10/3/1946   

Sun Oil Company Fire.   
Media Fire Company

Marion Baker, Firefighter   

DOD 8/19/1929   

Killed while riding a 1926 Seagrave Engine that crashed on Rt. 352 at the rail road bridge while enroute to a building fire in Middletown   

Morgan Wood, Firefighter   

DOD 8/19/1929   

Killed while riding a 1926 Seagrave Engine that crashed on Rt. 352 at the rail road bridge while enroute to a building fire in Middletown   
Moyamensing Hook and Ladder Company #1, Chester

Joseph R. Wright, Firefighter   

DOD 8/27/1955   

Died from injuries sustained from MVA with another fire vehicle at 5th & Edgmont while responding to a DUI MVA w/ Entrapment on the 3rd St. bridge.   

Ralf Worrilow, Firefighter   

DOD 9/13/1971   

Drowned making rescues during Eyre Park area flood, the rescue boat he was in washed over the 9th St. bridge.   
Norwood Fire Company

Lenard Bakey, Firefighter   


Collapsed while operating a 2.5’’ hand line with other firefighters on scene of a garage fire. CPR was initiated immediately, however unsuccessful.   
Oakmont Fire Company

Ernest F. Heimberger, Chief   

DOD 5/11/1966   

Collapsed on the scene of a Barn Fire on Darby Rd. Was transported in Oakmont’s Oxygen/Rescue Truck to Bryn Mawr Hospital.   

Martin J. Basile, Captain   

DOD 8/29/1974   

Was answering an alarm by responding to the firehouse in his POV and was involved in an MVA with a police vehicle (same alarm) at Darby & Benedict Rd.   
Philadelphia Fire Dept. Engine 54

John Anderson, Hoseman   

DOD 8/8/1918   

Trapped under a wall collapse and killed, Western Ice and Coal, Upper Darby Township. Only Philadelphia Fire Dept. member to die outside the city.   
Radnor Fire Company

Earl R. Frankenfield, Firefighter   

DOD 1/10/1949   

Died as a result of injuries sustained at the Liggett’s Drug Store Fire in Wayne Pa.   
Ridley Park Fire Company

Charles Joseph Elder, Chief Engineer   

DOD 12/30/1984   

Collapsed on the front ramp of the fire station after returning from and cleaning up from a brush fire on M Avenue.   
Sharon Hill Fire Company

Michael D. Reagan Jr., Firefighter   

DOD 9/29/2007   

Succumbed to injuries received after being trapped under a wall and roof debris after a collapse during a garage fire in Sharon Hill Borough.   
Swarthmore Fire & Protective Association

Richard David Shoaf Jr., Firefighter/EMT   

DOD 8/18/2001   

Sudden Cardiac Arrest at the fire house while answering an EMS Call.   
Viscose Fire Company

William Gallagher, Firefighter   

DOD 6/30/1971   

Died as a result of an injury sustained at the Marcus Hook Beverage Fire.   
Woodlyn Fire Company

William M. Caber, Firefighter   

DOD 4/15/1977   

Died from injuries sustained at a Bullens Lane house fire in Ridley Township.